I am Daniela; a college senior pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication/Advertising Track. I love food. More specifically, I love learning about food. To get even more specific, I love learning about baking and pastry. And getting down to the core, chocolate is what I am most interested in; it mesmerizes me every time I read something about it. Chocolate to me has so much to talk about. It is so versatile, so loved and hated, enjoyed and put on recipes that I could not find a better reason to why not make a blog about it.

A little more about me:

I love to exercise–it’s what keeps me sane. Rollerskating, swimming in the ocean, laying on the sand…I love to be outdoors. Weekends to me are not to be spent inside home. Home is for eating breakfast, sleeping at night and hanging out with your friends around a fire pit (done in those rare occasions when the temperature is 60 degrees or lower) . Being outside makes me feel at peace. That’s why I enjoy Miami–I have the opportunity to be outside most of the days of the year.


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