Chocolate Savoy & El Rey

26 Apr

Being the nationalist that I am, I believe it is my duty to present to you guys Venezuelan chocolate. Savoy is Venezuela’s pride and glory. It tastes so fruity and delicious! I highly recommend this chocolate for milk-chocolate lovers. They are just the perfect balance of quality, taste and texture. This chocolate is used not only for snacking, but also for baking. My family uses it most to cover cakes with.


In my opinion; however, I prefer “El Rey.” It has a better quality. It has a richer taste, a more pure taste of chocolate. Mainly because this huge bars come in high percentage of cacao it why I prefer this one. But I know this chocolate has a lot of recognition worldwide. Trust me on this one, buy a bar (or two) and you will be hooked! To some, enjoying Venezuelan chocolate is an acquired trait because if its fruitiness, to others not. I am a pretty biased subject since I grew up eating this chocolate. As a matter of fact, I had to acquire some traits to like American brand chocolate–they are just too sweet!


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