Did you know?

6 Mar

In my search for chocolatiers, I had the pleasure of speaking with head chocolatier and owner of Petebrooke in South Florida. Though I was not able to upload the audio interview, I wrote down all the curious facts he told me about chocolate.

Africa supplies most chocolate in the world, not Venezuela or Mexico, Africa. Cacao plants have expanded to Asia and Africa because many plants in South and Central America are being infected by a disease.

Chocolate is NOT from Switzerland. It is made there, however. Actually, they were the first to perfectly combine cacao, milk and sugar and make chocolate.

Cacao and milk don’t mix well. So how, you ask, do they have milk chocolate? Well, it’s a process, but to make it short, the moisture is taken away from the milk, leaving them with a sort of powdered milk. The blending process is what makes these two mix in well.

All these facts make me want to research more about chocolate. So watch for some new posts on these topics!



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