Odd Combinations

21 Feb

Green tea KitKat

Chocolate really is a fascinating subject, food, beauty product, decoration and the list goes on.  Since I began this project, I started to “see” how thousands of things that surrounded me are cocoa-chocolate. I always lather up with cream before going to sleep. Turns out to be that my favorite cream has cocoa as its main ingredient! I also talked to a pastry-chef friend of mine. She talked about the new ways chocolate is being incorporated into savory food. What? Savory food. Yes. Like soup for instance. I do not know if that would be of the best combinations, but it’s worth trying it, I guess. Anyway, this made me want to think of out of the ordinary recipes that have chocolate or cacao. I did my research, and found this article.

Odd Combinations:

Avocado-yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Eggplant-No comment, really

Goat Cheese-Ok, I can see how that can taste good

Zucchini Muffins-They put exactly zucchini muffins because the zucchini here works as the butter or fat replacement of the muffin recipe

Beets-They have it as part of a cake mixture made our of beet, but I wold think that making a special red wine reduction sauce with chocolate can make a fine dressing for beet. You think?

Bacon-Well, I know people love this, but I’m not a bacon fan AT ALL, so this to me is a little bit…not appealing

Quinoa-I would love to try something with this combination.


Potato Chips-Ever heard of shake and fries? This is delicious. I also tried chips with chocolate ice-cream: excellent!

Beer-I would try that….but I would not make this the number one combination, in my humble opinion of course.

So, I think that when I feel good enough to not care about how I will feel after I eat chocolate, I will try these odd combinations.




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